Rock & Rescue Ottawa

Rock and Rescue Ottawa is based on the format of design by rockandrescue.org.  R&R Ottawa is a unique, national humanitarian ven­ture designed to combine musical talent and public awareness of dog rescue while rockin it out! The result? An inspiring experience geared toward making a difference.

This awareness-promoting concert puts sex, dogs and rock & roll right there on centre stage. The event features the hottest bands, up-and-coming talent, and well-known musical stars—with everyone geared toward the same goal: raising awareness of dog rescue and adoption, and promoting pet sterilization. After all, safe sex is not just for people!


We want to create a different reality for homeless animals and to build a future which drastically reduces the number of homeless dogs. By promoting rescue, adoption and spay/neutering, more dogs will be rescued from shelters and given loving, for­ever homes.

Our mission is to boost the awareness of both adoption and pet sterilization while giving financial support to local dog rescues, enabling them to provide proper veterinary care, train­ing, rescue, food and a loving environment for the millions of discarded dogs in the shelter system across the country.

We believe that by promoting this message in an entertaining, socially enriching way to a group of people yearning to put their stamp on the world, the crowds will be excited to join in on the mission. Many people making small changes in their own backyards equals huge strides toward a nationwide change to end excessive pet homelessness, and reduce the euthanasia of millions of dogs every day.


Animal lovers and music aficionados, weekend socializers to band groupies. This event attracts everyone loving dogs, music, entertainment and the community.